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Pilates Roll-Up for Abdominals

  Abdominal exercises need to be done mindfully in order to get their benefits. I wrote about┬áthat in my last post. The Pilates Roll Up works the entire rectus abdominis very intensely, and it stretches your spine. It’s a great mind-body abdominal exercise...

Mind-Body Abdominal Exercises

Abdominals are very important muscle group of your body. Of course, if you have strong abdominals your belly is going to look great. You could even sport a set of those washboard abs everyone wants on the beach. But many times we forget that abdominals protect the...

Abdominals 101

Effectively working the abdominals requires a specific mind-body connection. This is a video I use in my MindBodyBlast class to get people started on abdominal exercises. It’s also how I teach my one-on-one clients to start out with. No matter how long...

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