Big Water Myth

To be a leader or a high performer, we need to drink water regularly to be on top of our game.

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How to Curb Your Sweet Cravings |Tip 2

You can curb your sweet tooth, you can eat sweets in moderation and you can control the amounts of sweets that you eat. This is tip number two of how all that can be possible for you. Read on, or watch the video below! Whenever you eat something from a bag or a box...

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How to Talk to People

It's been well researched that social relationships are necessary for human health and even our survival. We're a species that evolved through tribalism. Being social is in our DNA. I created several Meetup groups for this reason—to support people in leadership and...

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Where We Landed

In my last post I shared how we left our Bay Area Home of seven years and drove through central California to our new home in the south. Dreams do come true, and this was one of mine. I didn't share where we ended up moving ultimately, because I had so many beautiful...

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Dreams into Reality

It's been a year of change and vibrant energy already for me. At the end of this month we packed up and left our home of 7 years. We enjoyed it, and we met some lovely, warm and amazing people. And yet, the dreams keep calling you until you finally follow them. The...

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Different Ways to Exercise

This week we visited three cities in southern California. It was very interesting to me—and quite motivating—when I discovered how many miles we had been walking on that trip. We wanted to see everything about these cities on foot, because you can see much more that...

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Gratitude Meditation and the Healthy Leader

  Our leadership abilities depend on how well we take care of ourselves. Mindset is one of the most important areas for leaders to focus on. It's right up there with eating, sleeping, and moving. Research finds that a regular...

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The Great Potato Debate

This guest post is by Brandi Rosser  BA, NCSF, ACE, MES, LuciFit Personal Trainer. For the longest time, I have given in to the misconception that if you're going to add potatoes to a dish than the healthier option is the sweet potato. I’ve commonly heard my...

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Are Your Food Decisions Costing You Brain Energy?

Your brain uses approximately 20% of the energy you consume. All of your thinking, planning and deciding really does take up a lot of energy. The most energy-demanding work of your brain involves executive functioning. These are activities like: Understanding Deciding...

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How to Find Out: What Food Gives YOU Energy?

Now that we’ve established what energy is, let’s talk about what energy feels like. In my last post I set the foundations of understanding what energy is. Before I went back to school for nutrition I thought “energy from food” was supposed to feel like caffeine. At...

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Your Questions Answered: What do I Eat for Energy?

Because I work with busy men and women, one common question I'm asked is: "What do I eat for energy?" While popular media frequently alludes that one, magic food can offer the cure to everything from Alzheimer's to cancer and make us young again to boot, it's no...

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Zucchini, Tomato, Yogurt Salad

One of my latest salad creations is this zucchini and tomato with home-made yogurt dressing. You may have seen my cucumber tomato salad which is one of my go-to dishes for dinner and I have it at least once per week. Well, a few weeks ago I had some zucchini in the...

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Finding the Right Publisher

I finished the book prelaunch two months ago. Afterward, I expected to be onto the next phase—publishing the book with a publisher—in about two weeks. As it turns out, that wasn't the case! Instead, for the last two months my more than full-time job has been publisher...

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