Zucchini, Tomato, Yogurt Salad

One of my latest salad creations is this zucchini and tomato with home-made yogurt dressing. You may have seen my cucumber tomato salad which is one of my go-to dishes for dinner and I have it at least once per week. Well, a few weeks ago I had some zucchini in the...

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Lean, Summer Protein Wraps

Lean, Summer Protein Wraps This fall I posted an Asian chicken lettuce wrap recipe that I was eating quite regularly. The speed at which they can be made, plus the taste, made this recipe one of my faves for lunch. My husband loves them too. And they're a great, easy...

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My Simplest, Healthiest Mac and Cheese

This mac and cheese has four ingredients or less, depending on how you want to make it. When the individual ingredients are fresh and well selected, the entire dish will be flavorful. As you move into clean, healthy eating you start to take notice of the subtle...

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Lentils, Rice, and Bison Bowl

I love making soups in the winter. They warm up the house when you make them! Another big bonus is they last several meals and eliminate cooking for several nights at the least. Dry lentils last a long time. It was about 7:30 on Monday night and pouring down rain when...

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Super Simple Holiday Side Dish: Cauliflower Mash

This is the simplest cauliflower mash I’ve come up with. There are only two basic ingredients! It’s perfect for the holidays, or any any cold day when you’re craving comfort food. By the way, over the holidays while you’re traveling, don’t...

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Asian Style Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These chicken lettuce wraps are so easy and fast! They're low in calories yet high in taste and nutrition. They're a fun option for dinner when you don't want to cook much. They're also an excellent option for lunch as leftovers if you made chicken the night before....

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Fresh Figs and Goat Cheese: A Decadent, Healthy Dessert

Fresh figs and goat's cheese taste like decadence. They're a perfect ending to any dinner in the summer, when fresh figs are in season. Along with a very reasonable calorie count this dessert has some natural, healthy benefits: 1) it’s sweet with no added sugar, 2)...

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My Favorite Lentil Soup Recipe

Some popular fad diets say that lentils and other legumes shouldn't be eaten. I completely disagree. Lentils are largely made up of carbohydrates, and carbohydrates have gotten a bad rap these days. That's because many diet authors and others fail to differentiate...

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Kale Chips on the Stove Top

  This is a simple and delicious way to prep kale. It was shared with me by a lovely client - dancer, Zumba instructor, vegetarian. In my last post about kale I showed you how to choose a good bunch of healthy curly kale, prep it for use in salads, and have on...

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Make Your own Cranberry Sauce with Less Sugar

Cranberry sauce is one of my favorite things on the holiday table. I really like the sweet and sour flavor with poultry.  And the red makes the whole dish look festive! Total confession - the cranberry sauce in the can used to be my absolute favorite. It's like eating...

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The Simplest Summer Salad

  Tomatoes and cucumbers can be found pretty much year-round.  They also happen to be quite resilient and last quite long in the fridge. One night they were the only two vegetables I had to work with, so I cut them up and put them together.   Voila! A...

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What’s for Breakfast?

I was a cereal lover. I ate cereal for breakfast every morning because it was the fastest and “healthiest” food I thought I could eat…

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Healthy Fast Food – Kale

  If you want kale that tastes good you've got to know how to buy it. The more fresh your vegetables are the better they're going to taste, and the same goes for Kale! Curly kale needs to have soft leaves. The stem needs to be turgid...

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Super Simple Comfort Food: Chicken Soup

  Once you've tried this recipe, you won’t believe how easy chicken soup is to make. Both of my Slovak grandmothers made a variation of this soup recipe. When I was old about 14, they taught me how to make it myself. It was so easy and inexpensive, it became one of my...

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Fast Lunch: Tortilla Scramble

  My clients always ask for lunch ideas. It can be one of the most difficult meals to eat healthy, especially when busy.   I'm posting healthy, fast lunch ideas over here when I get the chance. Come on over and check in for more. I send every new blog post...

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Fast Lunch: Sweet Potato & Arugula

  One question clients always ask is what to eat for lunch. For some, it's one of the most difficult meals to eat healthy, especially when busy.   So I'll be posting healthy, fast lunch ideas over here when I get the chance. Come on over and check in for...

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Simple, Healthy, Delicious – Sweet Potatoes

I remember the sweet potatoes of my youth. Usually made around the holidays, they were baked and smothered with brown sugar and butter. So sweet! In fact, they may as well have been dessert! Now, that was a vegetable I was willing to eat more than my share of! Times...

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Fast and Delicious Holiday Turkey Recipe

    Not to brag, but I make an amazing turkey. It's always moist and delicious. I usually use a Martha Stewart recipe where the turkey is covered in cheesecloth and got lots of basting towards the end. It's always a hit with my guests. This year I was...

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