Meditation will lower your stress hormones.


And there are other benefits- people who meditate regularly have been found to focus better, keep calm, and make better decisions in stressful situations. We also know that you can let go of extra weight easier when your stress levels are down. You don’t have to meditate every day but the more frequently you do it, the better you’ll get. Even five minutes can work wonders for your mental and physical health. These are the kinds of meditations I use myself, and do with my clients to bring about energy, focus, confidence, competence, and calmness.


The above meditation is yours to listen to and use, for free.


(Music: Khumjung, by Ben Leinbach. From the album Calling Wisdom.) It’s a relaxation meditation that can bring down your stress, help you to focus better, sleep better, and help your body to work bettter in general.


Meditation with purpose.


I created the three meditations below for specific purposes: 1) manifesting an optimal day; 2) going within to get answers to difficult questions; and 3) rejuvenating your body and mind. We start with a relaxation and then go into the specific mental exercise at the end. Please note I am not a psychologist, I’m an exercise physiologist. These meditations are based on sports-psychology visualizations, but I cannot guarantee any results. What I do know is my clients and students really like them and find them life-changing.¬† I use them myself and get my own great results. You may want to see how they could benefit you! Click the link to get the meditation.



Perfect Day Manifestation 

Meditation can be an amazing manifestation tool. For years elite athletes have been taught how to envision their perfect shot, perfect goal, perfect game, in order to realize that vision, play their best, and win. You can use these very strategies to be YOUR best. This meditation can be extremely useful if you have an important event coming up in your future. It can also work wonders to make an average day better-than-average.


Inner Wisdom Meditation

What do you do when a hard decision comes your way? Sometimes the answer is obvious. But sometimes, we have a gut feeling to do one thing, yet our logical side says we should do something else. When we’re making important decisions and we want it to be something we can stand behind, something we won’t regret, and something that reflects our true values, it often requires quiet contemplation and getting in touch with our inner wisdom. This is a guided meditation to help you get better connected to your inner wisdom and help you make those important decisions.



Rejuvenation Meditation

If you don’t have time to get enough sleep, meditation is a good temporary way to rejuvenate your body and mind. There are 3 great times to meditate: in the morning to start your day out right, in the evening to bring yourself down for sleep, or at a turning point in your day to get ready for something important. This is a great meditation to use at any of these times to refresh your mind and help your body to release any pent up stress.