Big Water Myth

To be a leader or a high performer, we need to drink water regularly to be on top of our game.

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How to Curb Your Sweet Cravings |Tip 2

You can curb your sweet tooth, you can eat sweets in moderation and you can control the amounts of sweets that you eat. This is tip number two of how all that can be possible for you. Read on, or watch the video below! Whenever you eat something from a bag or a box...

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The Great Potato Debate

This guest post is by Brandi Rosser  BA, NCSF, ACE, MES, LuciFit Personal Trainer. For the longest time, I have given in to the misconception that if you're going to add potatoes to a dish than the healthier option is the sweet potato. I’ve commonly heard my...

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Are Your Food Decisions Costing You Brain Energy?

Your brain uses approximately 20% of the energy you consume. All of your thinking, planning and deciding really does take up a lot of energy. The most energy-demanding work of your brain involves executive functioning. These are activities like: Understanding Deciding...

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How to Find Out: What Food Gives YOU Energy?

Now that we’ve established what energy is, let’s talk about what energy feels like. In my last post I set the foundations of understanding what energy is. Before I went back to school for nutrition I thought “energy from food” was supposed to feel like caffeine. At...

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Your Questions Answered: What do I Eat for Energy?

Because I work with busy men and women, one common question I'm asked is: "What do I eat for energy?" While popular media frequently alludes that one, magic food can offer the cure to everything from Alzheimer's to cancer and make us young again to boot, it's no...

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Why I Wrote The Book

  Why did I write the book? I wrote it because I've been there. Oh, have I been there. I get a lot of surprised looks when I tell people that I didn’t grow up eating like I do now. I’ve also struggled with food choices. I tried almost all the diets—gluten-free,...

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What’s Really Wrong with the American Diet?

The American diet has long been called the SAD diet by dietitians, nutritionists and most other nutrition professionals. Not only because it stands for Standard American Diet but because it is, truly, sad. Last week I wrote about a seminal study from Stanford...

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Meat: Are You Choosing the Right Source?

Meat labels at the stores can be confusing, but I have some information that'll help you pick the right cut of beef. Have you seen the labels on packaging that rank beef as prime, choice, or select?                                                                      ...

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Best Diets?

For its 7th year in a row, US News & World report evaluated thirty-eight of the most-popular diets and revealed what they consider the best of the bunch.1 The periodical aligned with a team of experts including nutritionists, specialists in diabetes, heart health,...

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To Eat Healthy, Planning Is Key | LuciFit Coaching

Above is my counter top after the farmers' market. When I get home, I wash and prepare the food immediately. (And, yes, I eat some of it while working!) I encourage clients to plan and shop for three to four dinners at the beginning of the week. It can feel a little...

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Do Calories Count?

(Watch the video or read below.) Some say counting calories doesn’t matter, but it can make the difference between success or failure in weight loss and weight maintenance. If you’re eating clean foods and exercising and...

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