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A Little Halloween Candy is OK

  Here's a fun Post-Halloween question for you: how do you think the calories compare between five Halloween candy pumpkins and one cup of sugar snap peas (shown below)? That's one serving of each, by the way.   A few days ago I had the pleasure of being nutritionist...

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Eating Italian Food in Italy (Italian Riviera)

I just spent some much needed vacation time on the western coast of Italy - the Italian Riviera. Since my last post was on carbohydrates, I thought it would be a great time to share a bit about the food experience in Italy.   Many people associate "Italian Food" with...

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Bad Carbs, Or Bad Way of Eating Carbs?

    Low carb diets are all the rage again, and authors are selling books by the millions claiming that people will "be healthier" if they eat more meat, load up on fats (to include saturated fats), and cut out certain fruits and vegetables. I've been hearing the...

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What’s Your Sugar Limit?

Sugar has addictive properties. There is evidence that high sugar intake increases inflammation. The percentage of adults that have type-2 diabetes and the percentage of...

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Healthy Holiday Party Ideas

This year I held LuciFit, LLC's first company holiday party. Of course, I served healthy food that was also delicious! I recorded myself before any of the guests came to show you some of the foods we had at our table. My...

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Sports Drinks – Safe to Drink?

  The following post is by Jacques Delorme, founder of ViSports at  http://visportsnutrition.ca. Jacques is a certified coach with a background in nutrition.  He has 30 years of experience in coaching multiple sports to include but not limited to baseball, volleyball...

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Super Simple Ways to make a Healthier Super Bowl Party

  It's my second football season in the Bay Area and the 49ers are in the game.  The team spirit is so strong around here, it's palpable.  I can't help but catch it! While you're watching the teams put themselves to the ultimate challenge, how about challenging...

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Are Potatoes Good for You, or Not?

Like many foods, potatoes have had their ups and downs in the media.  The truth is potatoes are actually a very healthy food.  The average medium baked potato (2.25" - 3.25" in diameter) is 161 Calories with 2 Calories from...

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Six Weeks to A Healthy Lifestyle Makeover

  Are you busy, having trouble finding the time to exercise and eat right? Are you ready to ditch the diets and stop the insane exercise programs in exchange for something more lifestyle friendly and sustainable? Are you longing for an expert coach to help you make...

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Daily Whipping: Come ON People

  I was looking at my blog view results in Google Analytics, and found that the blog post that gets the most consistent keyword searches is one I wrote in the very beginning titled "The Daily Whipping". This title came about because some of my exercise class students...

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Congress, Road Rage, and Mindful Eating

    I was traveling down the highway listening to NPR talk about how congress is running out of time to find a compromise on our budget, but has plenty of time to perfect their skills in making each other look bad.  Near the 395 turnoff from route 1, it became obvious...

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Losing the Weight, and Keeping it Off

    For years I've been helping clients and students to lose weight.  Over time I've observed how the average approach to weight loss leads to putting pounds back on after not too long.  One of the biggest reasons this occurs is the following: When most people start...

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