Last week, MyFitnessPal and the Institute for Responsible Nutrition co-hosted a 10-day Clean Eating Challenge.

This is the second of two, live public webinars hosted by the Institute for responsible nutrition to make clean eating a little easier for everyone. I was honored to be the hostess.

Clean food = unprocessed, natural, otherwise known as real food.

Our guests at the second webinar:

Lawrence Williams, President of the United States Healthful Food Council

and creator of the REAL™ program which recognizes restaurants for their healthy food preparation.

Lawrence talks about how, at most restaurants, profit takes precedence over healthy food on your plate.

Leslie Lee, a registered dietitian at the Institute for Responsible Nutrition

and director of education and community engagement.

Leslie shares her personal experience of living on a farm, yet eating boxed and processed foods. She also speaks about dealing with hypoglycemia, and how her misinterpretations of the doctors’ recommendation sent her down the wrong path of eating.

Eating Clean while Eating Out, MyFitnessPal and IRN

You’ll find many, helpful tips about how to make healthful choices when eating out.

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