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Tips and secrets from the expert on how to make real-life healthy changes that last, and feel great.

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Exercise and cook with Luci and join in the webinar conversations on how to successfully live a healthy and balanced life.


Personal Training and Coaching

LuciFit is a concierge fitness provider offering fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle solutions to customers who prefer professionals with credentials, experience, and expertise.
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Weight Loss and Fitness for Life

In 8 weeks learn how to make better decisions about your diet, get the best results from exercise and create a stronger mind-body connection with guidance from a professional coach.
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Restaurant Consulting

Certified FitFoods are a great way to know that what you’re ordering at a restaurant is going to be healthy, free of excess sugar, salt & fat, has a reasonable calorie count and tastes great according to our reviews.
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Corporate Services

Most people want to make changes for the better but they don’t know how. Help your employees to take the first steps in achieving fitness, and life-balance and keep them moving forward after that.

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About Luci, MA, MBA, ACSM

I’ve helped all kinds of clients – people with diabetes, arthritis, osteopenia, sciatica, those with post operational joints and those just out of cardiac rehab. I’ve worked with triathletes, cancer survivors, and cancer survivors who are athletes. Most of my clients are also busy people. I teach them how they can be healthy even when juggling many things at once. Come see how my team and I can help you to feel great and live your life to the fullest.
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