The very first print copy of Eat to Lead  is in my hands!

That means it’s almost ready to be in yours! I’ve reviewed it, and made a few teeny changes to keep it cutting-edge up-to-date. And now, I’m ready to push the GO button on printing the first round of books this Sunday! As promised, I’m giving very special treatment to my early preorder customers.

Here’s the plan:

Once I get this first box of books delivered to my house, I’ll be personally mailing yours. My goal is for you to have your book in your hands before Amazon releases it—on October 1st.

And you can look forward to at least one positive outcome from 2020—having some great new food habits to support an exceptional leadership mind and body—far into the future.

But there’s more. Along with my previously announced bonuses which include early access to the readers’ website and the Facebook community, I have another gift coming your way!

If you’ve ordered this first round of books you’re getting access to my  first, exclusive readers’ club.

It includes:

  • Weekly reminders from me, to inspire you to keep reading—and practicing—the information you learn.
  • Community, momentum, and energy to excite you in making some great habit changes that stick.
  • Once-per-week live, group Q&A where I’ll answer your questions about the chapter we’re reading together.

Yes, this is an incredible value for the purchase of a book! But I want to show my gratitude to everyone who has supported me from the start of the launch of this book.

When will the readers’ club start? It will start before the holidays, so you can head into them with some great energy, and feeling great too. I’ll keep you posted on the exact date through email and on social media. We’ll play it by ear because the post mail is a little less predictable due to the pandemic. Just a small note: If I have another readers’ club it won’t start until 2021.

And, one more gift—

If you know anyone who’d benefit from these bonuses, the book club, the momentum and energy that’s coming with it all—send them to get the book at before this Sunday, August 9th! I’m holding the doors open just so you can bring some of your favorite people into the excitement.

The offer applies only for orders received on the website  between now and Sunday, August 9th!

I am so looking forward to this!