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Families dot comMind Body Blast is an eCourse designed to get you started on your way in just six weeks. The course is not just another diet program as the focus is learning the path of healthy choices which result in a healthy body. Exercise, tips, education on nutrition, and making wise dietary decisions are part of the course. The course is also not a cover to buy equipment, supplements, prepackaged diet foods or DVDs. The course is about education, guidance and motivation.

Luci Gabel, your fitness coach for this adventure, is highly qualified to get you on track and healthy…. In addition to all her experience she is a lovely person. During your time, you will have the opportunity to speak with her directly about any questions or concerns you have.

As with any fitness plan you need to be at a place where you are willing to make the changes. No one can make that happen for you. You will need to put forth the effort to make this or any program succeed. Mind Body Blast will provide a better chance at success. Luci is knowledgeable, compassionate, and attentive. If you have any concerns or need any advice just ask on the forum and she is quick to reply. She is truly with you for the entire six weeks. You will not feel alone and you will have accountability. If you need a boost I highly recommend Mind Body Blast.

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Joan's Boomer BlogA six week program, with lots of information and support, is a good way to launch lifelong wellness changes in your life, to decrease stress, increase energy, lose some weight and tone some muscles.

The idea of making healthy changes in your life is to realize that in the process you’re giving up your old unhealthy ways and embracing something new, different and better.  In the end you’ll likely lose weight, feel more energetic and be much healthier.

Luci Gabel, the creator and facilitator of The Mind Body Blast has an extensive nutritional background as well as an impressive assortment of fitness certifications, a master’s degree in exercise physiology from the University of Maryland (UMD) and a master’s in business management from John Hopkins’ University. All of this points to the fact that her health and fitness program is based on sound research and not fad diets or workouts.

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Within the first couple of weeks of MBB, things started heading in a much better direction and now I feel incredible!MindBodyBlast Melanie

My clothes fit so much better and I look a lot better in them. I am a lot more confident about how I look and my energy level is also so much higher than it has ever been.

In terms of fitness, I can’t believe what can be achieved with exercises that take minutes. I would always think to myself, “That’s it?? How can that make a difference?” but it does! My goal was to run a 5k injury-free. Luci was able to help me with my injury within the first week. I was not only able to achieve my goals, but I performed so much better than expected. I’ve continued to progress and I am now training for a half-marathon which is something that I never thought was a possibility for me.

Thanks to this class, I am the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life!

She showed us how adding healthy food didn’t have to be boring and could be so delicious that you don’t even realize how healthy you’re eating. I now look forward to my healthy food. The changes were not only helpful for me, but for my entire family including my small children.

~ Melanie Torres Williams

Paulssuccessstory - Version 2

I lost a total of 30 pounds while taking Mind Body Blast. The great thing is that I’ve continued to lose weight and get stronger just by keeping up the routines I established there.

I joined Mind Body Blast right before the holidays and lost 10 pounds!  Then I took the course again and lost 20 more. People tell me I look 15 years younger. While I was running recently, I tackled a hill that used to take me 55 minutes to complete. But this time, in 85 degree weather and humid conditions, I finished it in only 35 minutes! Not only does my body feel more agile and strong, I believe I’ve established a new, lower set-point for my body weight thanks to Mind Body Blast and Luci.

~ Paul

Brooke H.I am a fitness program junkie. I have read them all, tried them all.

Every time I would start something new it would last about a week before I was overwhelmed by the counting and the time commitment and the rules.

She broke everything down into tiny little steps that I could actually do each week. I was making changes without even realizing I was doing it. And the support of Luci and the other members of my class over the six week period helped keep me on track. They were there to give me advice when I was floundering and give encouragement when I needed it. I can’t say I haven’t slipped since doing her program over a year ago, but I can say I have a solid base to go back to when I need it and that has helped immeasurably.

~ Brooke H.

214McBride webThe class was an eye-opening experience for me.

I did not appreciate how much exercise I could do at home, on my own. I felt my health and my physical condition have both improved. I sleep better, can tolerate higher levels of activity and have lost weight and body fat. It was great to interact with other people and I was surprised how much I was interested in hearing what they were learning and about their successes. If you take this class seriously the cost is well worth the outcome of adopting life long habits that will improve your health and lifestyle.

Luci’s class will provide anyone interested in developing easy and effective diet and exercise habits that will last a life time an opportunity to get started right now!

~ Ginny M.

Picture Lydia

Overall I’ve dropped 10 lbs (some days registers 12 lbs). My belly has lost the bloat. I feel a lot stronger. I paddled in the Baltimore Festival yesterday, 3 races, and I actually felt better and stronger at the end of the day than at the beginning …

It seems that exercise energizes me now instead of wearing me out!

I’ve continued to eat more vegetables and less bread.

Not craving sweets overall.

Your class helped me to establish these as patterns, so the 6 weeks appears to have done the trick … I’d always heard it took 3 weeks to establish a new habit, but I think you’re right about the 6 weeks … much more effective to ingrain a new modus operandi.

~ Lydia Collins

With so many diets and dietary suggestions out there it’s hard to determine what is healthy and even harder to stick to one plan long enough to find out if it actually works.

Through the group classes and one-on-one consultations Luci gradually introduced small healthy changes to my diet and helped me reinforce those changes. Ultimately, I am the one who decides what to eat, and Luci’s classes gave me the knowledge of what’s the best for my health and the skills to make these healthy choices under variety of circumstances. Working with Luci helped me make some real changes to my diet and improve my quality of life.  Although I am no longer taking the classes,

I continue practicing the skills I acquired – I feel great, I eat a diverse healthy diet and continue moving closer to my target weight.

~ Polina

During Luci’s six week Mind Body Blast eCourse I set two goals for myself. To run an entire 10k and to lose 6 lbs. I ran the 10k in 57:05 (I’ll try to improve on that over the summer). It felt great when I finished and I know that Mind Body Blast was definitely an extra push not to give up during the run. I also dropped 10 lbs.

As an added bonus, I learned a lot about the food choices I make every day. I may not always make the right ones, but at least I am now making those choices with my eyes wide open.

~ Jim DeMicco

Mind Body Blast gave me the leg up on fitness and health that I needed. Luci cheered me on. Instead of “Don’t eat this, don’t eat that,” she was encouraging and said, “Try to eat these vegetables,” and “Bring some fruit into your diet.” She taught us how to slowly incorporate healthy foods into our diet, one week at a time. This helped me to really build the habit of healthy eating. I was never deprived, and I felt really proud of myself. I think I’ve finally turned the page and understand my nutrition needs.

By the end of the class – I had achieved all of my goals. I lost 10 pounds, I ran 60 miles in 6 weeks, and I am a healthier person who sleeps better, has more muscle definition, endurance, but most of all… more motivation to continue on my healthy journey. I loved this class.

~ Skye MacBroom

Two quotes from two women I have been rowing with for two years: “You’ve been working out and it shows.” And my personal favorite: “You have a waist.”

It was shocking to see how my “healthy” eating wasn’t what I thought. After four weeks and tweaks in my food intake, I was able to consume complete nutrition as verified by the dietmaster’s vitamin and mineral analysis at 1500 calories a day and not feel hungry.

It stuck and I’m now in the habit of eating more nutritious, lighter foods. Most importantly, it saved me a ton of money – I can now fit into my wardrobe!!!

~ Denise

I lost 8 pounds and rode almost 40 miles in one day. I have a new habit that I started during the class – I now ride my bike to work and home at least twice per week. It’s about 25 miles round trip. I am really happy about that! If you want to take the first step in holding yourself accountable, but doing it in a supportive and helpful environment, this is an excellent class for that!

~ Carrie Weinfeld


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