Better Corporate Health and Wellness Fairs

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Make Your Health and Wellness Fair Different

from years past.  Instead of offering employees rows of tables, stacked with brochures and toothbrushes, get them engaged and motivated!

LuciFit’s signature Better Corporate Health and Wellness Fair Activity Segments put movement and dynamic education into your wellness fair. We’ll teach your employees more about how to take care of their bodies, make healthier choices and keep up their health and stamina for the long run. We put together time blocks of activity interspersed with question and answer periods that cover the whole day so people can have fun and interact while they get their toothbrushes and health care coverage!

Corporate health and wellness fairs have never had such flair!

Your employees will look forward to coming and leave with a smile. They’ll have more motivation and know-how to take care of their health than they came in with.  This will be a wellness fair they won’t forget!

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