Winter Self Care Boost: Lift Your Energy and Maintain Your Weight Over the Holidays


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Imagine Cruising Through the Winter and Holiday Season

Glowing with Energy


Maintaining your Weight with Ease!


How would you feel over the holidays?

How would you bring in the new year?


The winter can bring many challenges.

The day is shorter and colder, we have less energy and crave more food, and the holidays can pull us into even more directions than we’re already going.


In the winter, our self-care easily falls to the wayside.

You’re at risk of

gaining weight,

feeling down and tired,

and overworked.


That doesn’t have to be your story this winter.

We’re here to help busy people like you take good care of themselves.  Especially this winter holiday season.

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Because when you’re taken care of

You feel good about your


You have more


You have more vitality and energy to be

present, positive and upbeat with others.

You’re empowered to get things done

at work, for your family

…..and for the world.


But, you’re so busy

taking care of others.

Who is going to make sure you take care of yourself?




Join our program

Winter Self Care Boost:

Lift Your Energy & Maintain Your Weight Over the Holidays


With our guidance and support, you can cruise through this winter

feeling light and energized, avoid weight gain and fatigue, and become your own, biggest champion for health and vitality.


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I took the Winter Self Care Boost in order to prepare myself for an upcoming round of IVF. I wanted to be both physically and mentally prepared – to be the healthiest I could be before starting in on the medications, surgeries, etc. I ate nutritious meals, stayed hydrated, rested, meditated, and learned some great new relaxation techniques that were very helpful for me. I feel the class helped me to put my best foot forward – and would recommend it to any one who wants to feel their best – whether it’s before a big event or to finally take care of yourself the way we ought to. Please try this amazing program and watch your daily habits develop in healthy ones! – S.D.

Testimonial MSCB Skye

My blood pressure was excellent (rare when I visit the doctor). I told the doc it had been consistently normal when I checked at home and at work, and he said I could stop taking my BP med. Also, my cholesterol was totally normal, so he said I could also try going off the statin I had been taking for 2 years. Want to thank you all for your support and healthy eating tips! – Sharon


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What is it?

A relaxed, private, online, program

where we’ll give you one, small thing to focus on each week for 5 consecutive weeks.

How do you participate?

With your computer, tablet or phone

you can watch the weekly video (and chat in our Facebook forum if you wish). Simply log in and listen for a few minutes each week and get your self-care fix!


How long does it take?

About 20 minutes

each week, when you watch the video with the weekly focus. Although the program is laid out over 5 weeks  you’ll have unlimited access, so you can really take it at your own pace.

When does it start?



We’ll help you:


Listen to your body

Hear what your body really needs regarding food and energy, and strengthen your ability to take the best care of yourself-  from the inside out.

Tamp down the stress

Practice simple, at-home rituals that’ll bolster your energy, support and sustain you so you can be at your best throughout the winter.

Get wise to sweets

Be in control of what kinds of sugar you eat, when, and how much, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your alertness or energy levels.

Take charge of your energy

Eat foods that sustain your stamina and be able to take on the extra challenge of winter holiday festivities with ease.

Party without losing your pizazz

Eat and drink and be merry with no guilt and no regrets.



Let’s make this winter light, and bright, and full of energy – together!

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In addition to our coaching and support you’ll get:

  • Video Tips on how to be efficient and effective in the kitchen
  • A shopping list template to make shopping for healthy foods easy over the holidays
  • A list of our “healthiest” cookie recipes you can make this holiday for your family and friends
  • Four lightweight exercise videos to make exercise easy during the winter holiday season
  • A selection of simple rituals to choose from that will help you to bolster your energy, support and sustain yourself
  • Private membership to the Self-Care Boost Chat Room, our private Facebook forum where you can chat with the group, share ideas, celebrate successes, and get lots of support!


On top of all that we might just help you create some healthy habits that last a lifetime. That’s invaluable.

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Money Back

If you’re on the fence, don’t worry.

If you fully participated in the program and don’t feel you’ve gotten any value out of it, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.


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