In my last post I shared how we left our Bay Area Home of seven years and drove through central California to our new home in the south. Dreams do come true, and this was one of mine.

I didn’t share where we ended up moving ultimately, because I had so many beautiful pictures in that post. I didn’t want to distract you from them!

This week I’ve got some photos for you of our new home in LA County, California.

We’ll be in corporate housing for a couple of months, so we don’t have our exact final location. But it’ll be in this vicinity.

Two days after we got here and got reasonably settled, we took a hike in Griffith Park (the mountain with the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory). We were on the other side of it, so we didn’t make it to the sign that day. But we were able to view our new valley from afar.

NorthEastern LA County LuciFit
Sunset on northeast LA County
The Sun is Up!
LA County from Griffith Park LuciFit
Midday Through the Trees

And here are some pictures from our area, inside the valley. In case you didn’t know—I’m 100% “city girl” who likes to get away to nature frequently.

I think I love this place. ❤️ (Is it too early to say it?)

For the last ten days I’ve been exploring the city and all it has to offer.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten the book back from the publisher with his edits and comments. It’s my turn to take it on again and add the finishing touches. When I’m not out enjoying the area, I’ll be hunkering down in my office editing away!

Of course I’ll still be posting about how to eat, stay fit and excel in these busy lives we lead as I go along here. Stay tuned!