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Being able to nurture your passions adds a fullness

and satisfaction to life that’s on a different level from work or any other activity. In turn, it can boost brain chemicals that reduce your stress, improve your mood, and make you healthier and more resilient overall. If you don’t know what your passions are, it may be time to get a little introspective and find out.

As a small business owner, people often ask me where my passion for my work came from.

It’s a common question and most business owners have compelling answers for it.

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out the answer.

I dug through all my life’s events trying to find the experience that made “the big impact” on my life. But, I just couldn’t put my finger on that part of my life that brought out this passion for health, fitness and balanced life practices. Then, I realized I just hadn’t dug deep enough.

On our second Healthy Lifestyle show, I tell my story for the first time in public

about where my passion really came from. I don’t know if it flows exactly right just yet, but the story is complete. (By the way, we do our show in one take with no edits – what a challenge!) If you’re interested – click the video above to watch the show.

What’s your passion, how do you feed it, and how does it enhance your life?

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