On the days building up to January 1st

did you find yourself having visions of how your life might be different this year?

It’s not silly, frivolous or childish.

Having goals and dreams and aspirations is what keeps us motivated, keeps us moving forward, and keeps us alive!

Making your self and your life better is not only going to benefit you, my friend.

It will benefit those around you, I guarantee it. Even if it’s not obvious to you how that might happen. These dreams and aspirations are not silly thoughts running around in your head. It is your higher self talking.

You can be all that you envision.

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What makes a dream different from reality? Action.

Do something small today. Send a message out into the world, send a message to your SELF, that you’re serious about making this change.

Just one small step

today is all you need. Then repeat that tomorrow and the next day and the next day. You don’t have to shift your entire life at once (in fact I highly discourage it). For anything that you want to accomplish, big things come out of small, consistent movements in that direction.

Don’t worry

if your efforts will last longer than today or longer than a week. Don’t envision how hard it might be or how you might fail. Just start now and start with the good intention that it will last as long as you want it to.


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Here’s how you can make it easy –

Just decide:

What days of the week will you take action?

What time of the day will you take action?


What will be your signal to take that action? Maybe your action happens right after your morning coffee, dropping off the kids, or before you shower… link your action to something you already do.

Whether or not your change is something you can schedule, decide today that you’ll

make the right decision,

at the appropriate time,


take action in the right direction.

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Start today.

At the very latest, tomorrow. Don’t over-think it. When you take the action, give yourself a pat on the back, and

then get on with the rest of your amazing life.


Turn Your Dreams Into Reality:


Take small steps


Every day.


You can do it.


– You’re hundreds of times more likely to succeed if you tell others about your goals and gather a support group. What are your health goals this year? If you’d like, share some of your goals with me below.

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– Feel free to print out this post and put it in a place that inspires you.

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