Are you having a difficult time finding the motivation to exercise?


There’s a big myth about motivation to exercise.

If you believe it, it can prevent you from reaching your goals. About halfway through the video I’ll tell you what that myth is.

In this video Diana tells why she’s motivated to eat healthy food – but not to exercise.

I think many people share her perspective on the matter.

I give a different perspective on exercise.

If you can adopt this perspective, it can keep you going for the long-haul.

I think it made an impression on Diana.

What about you?

By the end, Diana agrees to check out my online program

Mind Body Blast – just the exercise part –  to see if it is simple enough to fit into her busy life. In a few weeks we’ll share what she thinks about it.

Watch the video above, and check out the big myth about motivation to exercise.


Mind Body Blast is here: