I took a trip to Boston a couple weeks ago.

I was practicing what I preach—balance. After the book launch, my body and brain needed a change of scenery. Since my husband had a business trip there, I tagged along. I worked, but also took time to enjoy the city.

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Should we exercise when we travel?

Our lives are so busy that we barely get enough time to exercise. When we have a chance to change the schedule a little, and invest a little more time in doing good for ourselves, it’s the best time to schedule in a few more, longer workouts.

After reading the above, you may think I’m strange.

But, hear me out.

Your body feels better and more relaxed after exercise. Your mind is more alert and you think more clearly. It helps you to sleep better at night. Your hunger is regulated.

Exercise is moving meditation, with many, many more benefits. It will enhance your trip in many ways.

Clients and students who tell me they’ll never feel this way about exercise almost always change their mind once they get a few months of regular movement going. Because, once you get into the groove you don’t want to stop.

Exercise and travel fit together naturally.

Sightseeing is easily done on foot. You can take advantage and multitask by running first thing in the morning to get your bearings on an area. Then, walk around later for a closer look at your favorite spots.

Or, just build more walking in to your transport from one place to another.

Boston is an incredibly walkable city. I logged an average of 15,000 steps per day there without a problem. It was fantastic because I usually splurge a little and try new foods on vacation, and I had extra calorie burn to balance that out. (Below I share how walking has helped me lately.)

Walking is exercise. It can be your only exercise if you’re just starting. If you have higher fitness levels, it’s an important supplement to regular workouts. And we need to move even more if our work includes sitting all day. Walking is one of the best ways to do it without overtraining.

On the second night of the trip I had jet lag.

So, I went to the hotel cafe overlooking the Charles River to do some work. But as I enjoyed the view, I saw a surprisingly large number of people running, walking and boating at that hour.

I could sit no longer. I had to put on my running shoes and get out there with them! I don’t remember what time it was. All I know is that I never exercise that early.

Being around people who move is infectious.

And now, without further ado, some pictures!

1. Running, walking and boating on the Charles River

On the Charles, you can walk or run out-and-back along the beautiful, tree-lined paths. Or pick a loop. The numerous bridges make it very easy to go down the river on one side, and back on the other.

On most days I ran for exercise. I don’t usually run every day, but the river is just that beautiful. We took a canoe out on the last day.

There are more pictures here than meet the eye! Click on the picture for a slide view. Press “escape” on your keyboard to exit slide view.

2. Exercise at the hotel gym

For the second half of the week we stayed at the Fairmont in Copely Square. They should be commended for their impressive amenities including their gym.

When I started exercising seriously as a teen it was in a garage, and sometimes my bedroom. For that reason I’ve always appreciated a nice gym. Give me good equipment and a view, I feel like I’m at a spa.

Regardless of where you exercise now, never underestimate the motivation that a comfortable location and good view provides. If your gym is an enjoyable place to be, you’ll go more often and stay longer.

I’ve been working hard to get my abs back. My shoulder injuries plus more sitting this year writing my first book, took a toll on my middle. One thing I’ve proven in my own life is that when we sit most of the day, walking daily is necessary in addition to regular exercise.

True to the textbooks, abdominal fat comes on the fastest. I took off the last annoying bit of excess belly fat while I was in Boston through the additional walking I did on the trip.

Hello. ? Find Luci’s abs? It’ll be easier for you than it was for me! (No additional pictures here.)

3. A guided walking tour on the Independence Trail

Tours for Independence Trail start at Boston Common and are very reasonably priced.  Say “Hi” to Marquis de Lafayette, my tour guide!

I’d take the tour again. Our guide made the history of Boston even more entertaining with little-known facts and stories about people and events that took place before, during and after the American Revolution in Boston.

4. A Walk through the Boston Public Garden

The Boston public garden is one of the most beautiful spots of green inside the city. There are musicians playing and people dancing in the day.

Shakespeare in the park was presented at night while we were there, for anyone who wanted to have a seat on the grass, relax and enjoy. (No additional pictures here, but you can see the public gardens right in the middle of this map.)

Boston Public Garden and Map

Boston Public Garden

5. A walk through Little Italy

I did so much walking that day, I was absolutely certain that I could afford this cappuccino and cannoli.  It was SO GOOD.

While you’re in that area, walk through Faneuil Hall marketplace, and stop at Paul Revere’s house.

6. A walk down Boylston street and..

7. Shopping at the Prudential Center

Enter Prudential center on Boyleston Street. No sales tax on clothes- Woo! I clocked about 5,000 steps just shopping that day. 

8. Walk down Massachusetts Ave and eat in Cambridge

Cambridge is a completely different vibe with MIT and Harvard as their focal points. MIT has incredibly fun structures to look at—both old and historic, as well as new and impressive.

I especially enjoyed Little Donkey and Viale restaurants in Cambridge.

For delicious, high quality breakfasts and lunches I highly recommend Flour Bakery and Cafe. They have loads of tempting sweets which I’m sure are delicious. But, they also have a large selection of healthy food. And they’ve got locations all over the city.

Overall, we found many more healthy and creative restaurants on this trip than we found on our last trip to Boston. I was pleased.

9. The Boston Public Library

A great place to tour, and to work, the public library is a museum as well as a historic landmark. NPR broadcasts live from here 11am-2pm.

10. A boat ride on the bay

For the price of a commuter ride, you can take a boat, round-trip, to one of the islands off the coast. A few of them are actually public parks. In my case, I took a boat to see two, wonderful clients of mine across the bay.

The downpour on the way back was exciting! For your enjoyment, I took some pictures of that, too. The second two pics are right before the rain.

Chime in below

if you have some additional recommendations for Boston! Or, take a look at my last trip to Boston here where I came up with five top tips for eating healthy when eating out. I wasn’t as impressed with the food then. I think restaurants in Boston have gotten much better since then!