It’s my second football season

in the Bay Area and the 49ers are in the game.  The team spirit is so strong around here, it’s palpable.  I can’t help but catch it!

While you’re watching

the teams put themselves to the ultimate challenge, how about challenging yourself to make your party-food a little healthier this year?

It’s super simple!

Take a few things on your menu that aren’t so healthy and swap them for something more healthy. You’d be amazed at the difference a few little swaps make.

Here are some examples:

Instead of Five Layer Dip: You know the one – beans, then salsa, then guacamole, then sour cream, then cheese, and repeat, served with chips.  With only 2 tablespoons of each ingredient (not much), and not including refried beans, you’ll get 300 calories-  half from fat, and half of those from saturated fat.

Try: Fresh loaded salsa. Click here to see the video recipe.  It makes about 10 servings.  At 90 Cal per serving and with so many nutrients and fiber, add some baked chips and your guests will scarf it up.



Speaking of chips…

Instead of regular tortilla chips: for just 7-10 chips there’s an average of 140 Cal, 60 from fat.

Try: Baked tortilla chips. They have an average of 70 Cal, 13 from fat, for the same number of chips.

And while we’re talking about snack foods…

Instead of a bowl of Nuts:  With unsaturated fats and Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, fiber and plant sterols, these little things are really good for you!  But, they’re not to be eaten by the handful.  A quarter of a cup of nuts averages 200 Cal, all fat.  It’s good fat, of course, but still.  Save the nuts to top your yogurt in the morning.

Try: A bowl of mandarin oranges.  Each of these little orange cuties have only 40 calories, about 145% of your daily requirement for Vitamin C and 200mg of Potassium. Peeling them will give your hands something to do while you’re watching.



And don’t forget:

A platter of vegetables goes a long way

when it comes to offering snacks with lower calories and high nutrient value.

Serving up some fruit with the dessert platter always helps

guests fill up on more healthy options and have less room for the empty calories.

No one ever complains about having healthy options at the table. In fact, some of your guests will be very grateful to you for feeling great – not sluggish, bloated, or heavy with guilt the next day.

Take the challenge! What will you swap at your party?

Let me know in the comments section.



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