It’s time for summer holidays and vacations.  Do you have a plan for exercise when you’re on vacation?

Here’s a total body workout that you can do quickly and then get back to your holiday fun. You can watch me by clicking on the video above, or just read on for the description.

Wake up a little earlier and exercise before all the excitement starts.  So, you can get your exercise done and have the rest of the day to play!  Not to mention you’ll get more out of your workout when it’s cooler because you can push yourself harder with less strain.

  • Get a little cardiovascular exercise.  It’ll help you burn some extra calories, ramp up your metabolism, and stay vibrant and alive all day.  Start your workout with a 30 minute run, walk, bike, or anything that gets your heart pumping.  If you don’t have time for 30 minutes, make it 20.
  • Do some pull-ups.  If there’s a park nearby with pull up bars you can run, bike or walk to the park for this exercise.  Pull ups directly work the major muscle groups of the back, rear shoulders and biceps.
  • Complete a round or two of push-ups.  Wide-arm push-ups directly work the major muscle groups of your chest, front shoulders and triceps.  Notice that doing both push ups and pull ups will enable you to work your entire upper body with just two exercises.
  • Finish with 2 or three of your favorite abdominal exercises. One set to failure.

There you have it!  This abbreviated exercise session works the total body and combines both cardiovascular and strength training.  It takes about 40 minutes and you can get away with doing it every other day for the duration of your vacation.  Don’t forget to stretch!   

Happy Summer Holidays!  

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