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Episode 3 – Tamping Down the Stress

The above video is taken from a live webinar.

(Edit as of 12.2016: Hi guys, I can’t believe I didn’t catch this but I made a mistake in the first part of this video. It’s the sympathetic nervous system that’s mostly involved in amping up the fight or flight mechanisms, not the parasympathetic nervous system. Thanks for watching!)


In this video I share some powerful, proven techniques

that can help relieve stress quickly, and effectively

The body’s primal reaction to stress

is fight or flight. It’s a reaction that’s in our DNA. look at it this way – those of us that had the genetic code to fight or run in the face of danger, survived!

The fight or flight system works the way it’s meant to:

As our stress hormones increase, our performance also improves. We get faster, think quicker on our feet, we even get stronger if necessary. Exercise is healthy stress.

Some stress is good, but too much is bad.

When stress turns chronic (lasts for long periods of time) Our immune system can’t work properly, our ability to digest and absorb nutrients start to suffer, our ability to reproduce diminishes, our brains don’t work the same, we lose sleep, we put ourselves at risk for heart disease, and many other serious illnesses. There is a huge list of consequences that chronic stress can have on our body’s ability to function.

We’ve found that cumulative effects of high-dose stress chemicals have a different, more long-lasting and harmful impact than if the body produces a lot of little, short bursts of them. In other words, even if we have a lot of stress on a regular basis, if we can get a little break in-between the stressors, our body can recuperate.

Having simple rituals that can provide quick stress relief

can really be helpful. They can provide a break from stress and reduce its harmful effects. They can even change your brain to one that thinks more clearly and keeps better focus (see video above and references below).

Click PLAY and join us.

I talk more about how stress works. I’ll also give you some proven methods to reduce your stress quickly and effectively during the holidays, and anytime, so that you can get back to having holiday fun.

I’m also sharing one of my own unique creations – the manifestation meditation.

Try it! It can help you to have a very positive day.

Share in the comments –

When do you experience stress and what do you do about it?


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