Ah, Holidays in Northern America!

Such a wonderful combination of loving and giving, tradition, and… stress.

I love the celebrations and the decorations. And yet, I can’t tell you how many times someone has said to me “I’m so busy, I could cry”.

In this video I share how you can lower your holiday stress with three, simple daily practices.

In the email I sent to my subscribers last week, I gave out a link to one of my meditations and it got a lot of positive responses. It’s obvious that many of you are in need of taking the stress down right now, and I’ve got you covered!

My top 3 stress reducing practices for the holidays


1. Make lists

When I’m crazy busy, I write everything down, even the smallest things that I normally don’t need to put on a list like: call someone back, eat lunch, everything! And then, every morning over breakfast I fit my list into logical times slots on the calendar -and then I GO! So when I’m in action mode I don’t have to think; I just do.

2. Exercise

Speaking of that calendar I make sure I’ve got exercise on it at least 4x per week over the holidays. Exercise will help you to fill your body with oxygen, lower your blood pressure and give you a few minutes to think.This time of year, something is always better than nothing of course. But you can aim for a minimum of a 20 minutes of cardio, or at least

You can do a total lower body stretch with me here.

Alternatively, you can do these stretches anywhere.

3. Breathe

(Of course, I know you’re already breathing otherwise you wouldn’t be alive!) What I mean is: whenever you think about it, take a deep breath in. The oxygen will amp up your brain power and make you feel more alive. It’ll also give you a brief second of pause to be present in the moment. And, presence is a great thing to have over the holidays.

And, if you have 7 minutes for a short meditation,

you can download some from me here, or, just watch the trailer for a free one. 😉 I’ve got a short little post on how I usually meditate here.

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to help them have a healthy holiday. And when you’re finished with the fads, follow me: I’m on YouTube monthly, and I blog weekly here.