Pasta is best eaten as a side – not a main dish.  Especially if you’re not doing a long run the next morning.

In Italy and in along the Mediterranean Coast in general, pasta is the staple food – so how do the Southern Europeans keep themselves toned and healthy? The answer is balance – their pasta servings are actually quite moderate and always served with fresh, seasonal vegetables and a meat or fish dish. It’s not the main part of the meal!

So, if you’re eating pasta, try to make it whole grain or buy it freshly made, and make sure you eat it as part of a balanced meal along with vegetables and protein.

In case you’re wondering, in Italian, “Pasta i Basta” basically means: pasta and that’s it!

One serving of pasta is one cup. It’s 200 calories. Here’s what one serving looks like (that’s my thumb and that’s a dessert dish):

Pasta serving