I noticed a drastic difference between the commercials

that were played during the 2012 Olympics and the ones that usually air.  These commercials were motivating and inspiring, much different from the norm of fat food and thin people, sprinkled with a drug here and there.

Watching the Olympics itself

made me glad that I go to the gym.  It also motivated me to do more.  And, as a female, seeing so many, amazing and truly fit women (not super-skinny) was really heartening.

I read that many people were motivated to exercise during the Olympics.

Did that happen to you? This made me think about the power of television and commercials.

We become what we’re surrounded by.

If we’re hearing and seeing healthy and fit messages on a regular basis we’ll eventually start to think in that direction. On the other hand, watching people eat sugary cereals and snacks, double-decker sandwiches loaded with cheese and french fries, and taking a pill for everything that ails them sends the opposite message to our subconscious.

Go here to see the GE Works Olympic Commercial from Kevin Jordan on Vimeo.


I wish companies would produce commercials like the above all year.

They would get people to buy their stuff and help Americans move more.  I also wish we had a little more fitness and smart eating sprinkled into our regular television shows.

Unfortunately, a couple of days after the 2012 events we’re back to the same-old stuff.

Regardless of what’s happening on television,

you can keep the motivation going all year long.  Turn off the TV and find some people that motivate you to move.

  • Walk or run with a buddy once or twice per week
  • Get to an exercise class or a gym where where everyone’s doing the same thing – getting fit
  • Schedule time with a coach or a trainer
  • Get some people in your family or your household to move with you

It’s a fact: having fitness-minded people around you will improve your own success in fitness.

What can you do to get your Olympic Style Motivation all year long?

By the way, I offer a course that helps people to get motivated to make some healthy changes that really stick.