Meditation is a powerful, easily accessible way to reduce stress. And at this time, stress-reduction has been something we all can use.

Although you may have heard that meditation doesn’t work unless you spend hours on it, you can get valuable benefits in less time. For me, meditation is like taking a vacation without having to go anywhere. With practice, it can feel like you’ve been to the mountains and back within five or ten minutes.

Meditation health benefits

Research finds meditation provides significant health benefits to include:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving learning and memory
  • Improving ability to focus and concentrate
  • Reducing anxiety and stress
It can even change the shape of your brain. People who meditate have been found to have increased grey-matter in the hippocampus (related to learning and memory) and decreased grey-matter in the amygdala (related to anxiety and stress).
You can come to my complementary meditation session this coming Tuesday and give it a try. I include several techniques in each session that you can pick and choose from to practice on your own. I am offering these meditations freely until Tuesday, August 4.


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