One thing I absolutely LOVE

is when clients see unexpected results from our work together.

My client, Mrs. Maryland America, and mom of three

(family picture above), is documenting her transformation as she works with me and posting it to Facebook. Her most recent video is priceless!

I’m sharing it with you because I think it’s such great motivation.

For all the busy moms out there, who think that fitness may not be possible: If she can do it, so can you! (Scroll down for the video below).

We started working together virtually about 2 months ago.

She wanted to get fit and lose her baby belly. She’s getting the results she wantedand, her unexpected bonuses have been so awesome to watch!

  • Unexpectedly her pants size dropped by 2 inches, and she went down to the lowest size she’s been in her life
  • Unexpectedly, she and her husband are having FUN TOGETHER planning food and exercising together
  • Unexpectedly, her three small children are modeling them and wanting to join in the workouts (they’ve got a set of super small weights now, and they love to see mom run up and down the stairs)!

Chelsea is a busy mom,

not without the many challenges that come with motherhood as you’ll see on her Facebook page. And yet, what great role models of lifelong health she and her husband have become for their children. And, what gains she and her husband have made as a couple!

I hope when you watch this video you’re motivated by her success. We’re all humans in a world with many challenges. Health and fitness is different for everyone, and it is possible for everyone.