I want you to have the healthy body and life that you want and love

and not worry about when it’s going to go away. As you know, it takes energy and motivation to continue to push forward until you have that healthy body that you want – and those healthy habits well under way. It’s time to stop the roller coaster ride for good.

When you’re making life changes and honing your skills at them, there’s nothing more valuable than having a group of people in your life who are working towards the same goals. And it’s even better if you have a leader that you can learn from.

This is a great place for you if you

  • Have already worked with me in some way* and want to solidify the healthy habits you’ve learned – for life
  • Want continuing support in your quest to get fitter and have much better than “average health” today
  • Would benefit from the support of a positive coach and an online group

And yet,

  • You’re at the point where you don’t need the intensity of one-on-one coaching or once-per-week meetings, but you can still use some support

What you get:

  • Live, virtual meetings with me and members with a new and relevant topic every month. For now, we meet on the second Friday of every month (5pm PST/ 8pm EST). If you can’t make it, you can still watch the recording and join in the private forum.
  • Recordings of past meetings. We’ve got all the conversation you need to keep motivated and keep feelin’ the love.
  • Weekly, topical e-mails to keep you motivated and on top of your game
  • Workout schedules to follow throughout the year. You’ll learn periodization – a way for you to increase and decrease your intensity like the athletes do, so that your body keeps progressing.
  • New exercise videos and exercise combinations for your continued progress in fitness.
  • Sample shopping lists, grocery items and recipes that change with the seasons.
  • 24/7 access to your expert coach and conversation with peers in a safe, supportive environment. In our Members-Only, private forum (not Facebook) you’ll get timely, useful answers from your coach, and have the ability to talk with and get motivated by group members who are all on the same path.

Join us and continue to charge ahead – with peers who are right there with you, and an expert to guide you.

I’m looking forward to getting you to your next level of health and vitality, feeling great in your own body, and having the confidence that you can keep it for the long run.

What’s the price?

Sign up today and get a 30 day free trial!

After that, it’s $39 per month.  If you’ve been a client of mine, or if you’ve taken one of my online courses, you’re eligible to join. As a previous client, you can invite friends or family to join with you, and they’ll need to fill out the info below as well. Simply complete the form below and hit “submit”. Then head over here to get your membership (as of December 2, 2016 you can try the first month free of charge).

See you there!




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