This is an important time for us to stay calm, centered, and focused, and lead everyone around us to the best outcome possible.

A few months ago…

A few months ago I was doing yoga in the morning before my first writing session of the day. It became my go-to movement practice during the winter to get my body warmed and stretched before I sat in place for hours. (A practice I highly recommend for everyone.)

Fast-forward to a month ago and my book was almost finished. I realized I was going to have a little more time opening up soon. I was thinking to myself how nice it would be to have my own community again. “Should I try a live online class again?” I thought. I’ve taught yoga classes on and off since 2007, and I taught one for a while online in 2013.

When I finished my last live online class I said “Never again!” That was in 2013 and the technology was nowhere near where it is today. There was so much extra work that I had to put into getting the online class to work: Google Plus, my own separate video recording, separate audio equipment, lighting, paypal links, separate email systems, and more. I vowed never to do it again!

But now it’s 2020

Today we have great technology like Zoom that I’ve been using for years with clients and meetings. “Maybe it’ll be a smoother ride this time,” I thought. “I wonder when would be the right time to give it another try?”

A pandemic…

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020. Within the week afterward, schools began to close, events were postponed, and workplaces initiated work-from-home practices. People in my city have been asked to stay in their homes as much as possible; gyms and yoga studios have shut the doors for the time being.

If you’re wondering if all of the social distancing is necessary, I believe it is. Just reading this article about Italy’s mistakes will shed harsh light on how important it is to participate in social distancing at this time.

Are you interested in doing yoga with me live, in the comfort of your home or office?

This will be a beta version. Although I’ve done this kind of thing many times before, I’m in a new home with a new office, and no doubt I’ll have different people in class. If it works out really well for all of us, I’ll keep the classes going. Regardless, my thought is that I’ll keep it going until we get back into business as usual.

Interested? Read on.

Luci in 2013 Yoga

What kind of yoga?

My yoga style is an alignment based, physiology based, exercise-science based yoga. I emphasize poses and movements that counteract the posture and tension we get from sitting at the desk for long days and help you to stand tall and strong, like a leader. I also throw in a little Pilates for interest, and because core strength is essential for everyone. The level of intensity will be based on the people that participate.

{Update as of 6/29: At this time, participants are intermediate level. I’m overjoyed to see some of my amazing students back from both 2013 and 2007. I’d love to see you, too!}


This is live, with me teaching you! Of course, it’s not the same as in person, but it can be quite nice not to have to leave your home, drive in traffic, find parking, and race to class when you’re running late.


Those in my mailing list voted on the initial times. ( I always give special privileges to my list!) The most popular times were Wednesday and Friday midday, so that’s where we’ll start. Currently, classes are at Wednesday at 12 noon, PST/ 2 CT/ 3pm EST and Friday at 2:30pm PST/ 5:30pm EST.

If this is the middle of your day, I invite you to see what it’s like to take a little time for yourself to re-center, re-ground and re-group during the day. Taking time for movement in the middle of the day has long been one of my keys to maintaining productivity, energy and stamina long into the evenings. This class is flexible so if you need to leave before the hour is over, I will tailor it so you can. I intend that all participants receive tools and ideas so they can take what they learn and use it outside of class, throughout the week.


Will I make recordings? I will if enough people are interested. Will I have a “recorded video-only” option? If that’s something you’d like I will consider it. Let me know with an email or reply in the comments below.

If you’re interested, click the link to join us

Wednesdays at 12 noon, PST/ 2 CT/ 3pm EST

Fridays at 2:30pm PST/ 5:30 EST

or both classes every week

or just stop by once in a while

Your first class is complimentary and you may cancel at anytime.

Comment below or send an email if you have any questions.

In the meantime, stay safe, grounded, and centered.