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In this video I interview two, semi professional athletes who are extremely experienced with weight loss and how to lose weight fast.

because it goes hand in hand with their sport. Denis Trofimov and Jeremy Jackson share insights on the realities of weight loss, the challenges of diets, and how it all effects physical performance.

Watch the video to find out

What it takes to lose eleven pounds in three hours, or twenty-nine pounds in nineteen days

How you can trick the scale (or it can trick you)

Why you can gain weight after eating carbohydrate-dense foods, and the other, secret ingredient that can make you put on pounds (but not pounds of fat)

Their advice for real, long-term weight loss that supports health and an active lifestyle

and so much more.

Lose weight fast - two athletes tell all- LuciFit

Here are the topics we cover and the video timeline (if you’re short on time, head to the segment you want to watch the most):

0:44   The most drastic weight loss each of them has accomplished (eleven pounds in three hours, or twenty-nine pounds in nineteen days)

1:30   How they normally eat to keep their body fat levels down and their energy levels up

3:30   The difference between body weight manipulation and real weight loss easy

4:40   How they lose weight when they can take their time doing it

6:30   How they make dieting more enjoyable

8:30   The psychology of being full

9:20   Their secrets to successful weight loss – little details that make a big difference

10:58  The ingredient that’ll make you gain weight immediately

13:11  Why carbs cause weight gain (but not fat gain)

14:45  How they lose weight fast

18:48  Why intense exercise is not sustainable on a very low-calorie low-carbohydrate diet

20:44  Why they have to lose weight in their sport

21:30  What it feels like to lose lose 29 lbs in 19 days

22:45  Excellent advice for those who are on the weight loss path – realistic expectations and how to diet for long-term health and success

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