When I speak in public about the benefits of exercise

I often highlight research studies that correlate exercise to aging. For years now we’ve seen 60 year olds who exercise regularly with the internal physiology (muscle, blood chemistry, blood sugar metabolism etc) of 30 year olds because of their regular exercise routines.

The New York Times published the article

“Younger Skin Through Exercise” highlighting several studies that revealed how exercise can give the  skin of 65 year olds the properties of 20-40 year olds. This information on skin and exercise just puts the icing on the cake.

Yes, my friends, exercise really is the fountain of youth

(and ya can’t get it in a bottle). I’ve known this for a long time, and my clients experience it first hand.  Dr. Tarnopolsky (who supervised one of the studies in the Times’ article) said, “it is astonishing to consider all the intricate ways in which exercise changes our bodies”.

Nothing turns back the clock like exercise

on our body, brain, and more.

Look Younger Through Exercise Case in Point: 40th College Reunion

One of my clients had come to me a year after she started seriously rowing on a team. She wanted to get better at her sport and knew she needed to become stronger and more fit to do so. Two years into our work together she attended her 40th college reunion. She knew her physical fitness had come a long way since we started, but she didn’t expect the surprise she got at the reunion.

As she was leaving two of her classmates (husband and wife) came up to her and told her they had been secretly discussing whether she had gotten work done. The husband was a prestigious doctor, and yet they had to ask, because neither of them could figure out what it was she had done.

My client was overjoyed with their question. She was even happier to tell them that the “work” was all done in the gym, and on a rowboat in the water. Imagine what an impression she left on her classmates about what exercise can do!

Exercise maintains, and recovers, physical characteristics that are strongly associated with youth.


  • Exercise makes our bodies toned and strong, keeps us standing tall, and gives us good posture –  all traits of youth.
  • We move with speed, agility and grace of a person years younger when our body is strong and flexible from a well-rounded exercise program.
  • Exercise brings out a beauty and youthfulness from the inside. Exercise increases endorphins, decreases pain and improves mood. We feel good more often. Therefore we smile and laugh more. Laughing and smiling are highly attractive features that make everyone involved feel good about themselves, and younger too.
  • Our skin glows when it’s bathed in oxygen and nutrients, two things the blood brings more of to the skin when we exercise.
  • And now, the studies mentioned in the Times’ Article  indicate exercise causes other chemical cascades that can cause the skin to act 20-40 years younger.

The earlier you start to exercise

the better you can preserve what you have. And it’s never too late to start to exercise as it can dramatically turn back the clock, and even slow it down a bunch. The most important thing to do is get started on a program that is effective (it works) and efficient (so you don’t spend more time than you need to) and one that will keep you injury-free so you can reap the benefits of exercise for a long time to come.

Have you seen the anti-aging effects

of exercise in yourself or someone you know? Share in the comments below.


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