For most of my career I worked

the day before Thanksgiving  into the evening. For many years I worked right through Thanksgiving day.

If your life is like that right now, you’ll finish work tonight and run to the grocery store. Or you’ll head there tomorrow afternoon. And when your life is like that, you want to make quick and delicious food without much work.

I’ve come a long way in making food for Thanksgiving.

I keep the stress down; I have a few side dishes that I make every year which helps a lot. They’re traditional Thanksgiving fare and they’re easy, healthy, and delicious! What more can one want?

They each have only a few ingredients that can be found in any grocery store. So that last-minute grocery run can be quick and easy. 😉

Click on the picture below to get the recipes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m grateful to have you as a reader.




Just in case you’re looking for a turkey recipe that you love, this is my favorite.



Luci's Thanksgiving Turkey