I’m posting some pics of my latest trip to Italy in a fitness themed way. I hope you enjoy!

The above picture is the French Riviera while flying out of Nice.

It’s not difficult to keep up the workout while on vacation.

In fact, it’s easier to exercise on vacation than it is in everyday life because you can arrange your day the way you want it.

The first, most important factor in exercise success while on vacation

is remembering to bring exercise shoes and the proper clothing.

Second, plan to exercise in the morning, so you can get on with your day of touring.


One of the best things to do to shake off the jet lag is wake up on time and go for a run. It worked wonders for me this time around. The above and below pictures are where we ran pretty much every morning.



This area is filled with small, steep hills so like it or not, we did hill sprints every time we ran.

I didn’t mind too much though, because throwing some sprints into the workout increases calorie burn without increasing the time you need to spend exercising.




I swam a mile in the sea a couple of times this vacation and it seemed easier than it had in the past. I don’t do open water swims much anymore because I’m not around a friendly body of water like this! It was so nice to have relatively warm, calm water to work out in.




This area is ideal for snorkeling.



It was so pretty, we decided to play around taking pictures here.

Luci Gabel Back



We kept our backs, and everything else in shape using these pull-up bars and sit-up benches for strength training. I also brought my bands, but pull-ups, sit-ups and push-ups are enough for a quick strength session.




We climbed lots of hills while touring and saw views like this. Super important to have comfortable walking shoes on this trip. Here’s the view looking forward from atop the mountain in Eze, France.




Here’s the view looking back.


French Riviera



A little coffee always helps if you still need to wake up a little. And, when you order coffee, it’s going to be little!

But, no need to order extra – that espresso really works!


Italy Espresso


I hope you enjoyed this little selection of photos. You can see pics of food from Italy here.

In the comments below, let me know what helps you to stay fit while on vacation!