To make this year different, you also have to be different.

How will you become the person that matches your goals?‬

Whatever it is you want to change—

you must act differently about it; think differently about it; even feel differently about it. If you want life to be something it hasn’t been before, you need to do something differently than you have before.

It’s impossible to step from where you are now into completely different circumstances.

We know this with business and work. But for some reason it’s not as obvious with personal goals.

Just like any goal you would set for your business or a company, you need to first envision what the future will look like with your goals achieved. Then, envision the steps you’ll take to reach them. Also envision and the kind of person you’ll be when you own the results.

You can plan it out a few steps at a time, or start with one simple step that you know can work and build from there.

At the very least, don’t ask yourself to take one large leap and be a different person this year.

Ask yourself this question: “What is the simplest, smallest step I can take today that will get me to my goal?” Then take that step consistently. Once you feel like that step no longer requires a lot of thought and energy to do, it’s time to advance. When the new action becomes habit, it no longer requires as much mental energy. You can take the next step with ease.

This is how we continue to enjoy our big, beautiful life and also enjoy the process of getting to our goals! After all what else is there, really?

Don’t judge yourself if this isn’t easy for you.

Although this activity may sound simple, many people just don’t do it. My guess is, it’s because it requires willpower to do on your own, and it takes mental energy that you would most likely rather spend getting other things done.

Setting personal goals and milestones and brainstorming about how to reach them is easier, more fun, and more productive when done with someone else. It always gets completed in businesses and organizations because there’s more than one person involved—accountability is very helpful. And it gets repeated year after year in business, because companies know there’s value in it. In fact, it’s necessary in order to keep progressing with speed.

Experiment with my theory and invite a friend to join you in a goal-setting session before this month is over. Do it sooner rather than later!

Let’s make this happen.

Think of a few small steps right now that are in line with your personal goals this year. What steps will you take starting today? Sharing brings accountability—share your steps with me in the comments section below.

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(Small addition Jan 6, 2020- And it gets repeated year after year in business, because companies know there’s value in it. In fact, it’s necessary in order to keep progressing with speed.)

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