Peppers are an easy way to add healthy food into any meal.

If you’re barbecuing this weekend, think about adding some of that great color on the side of your grilled proteins. They’re great in the lunch box with a sandwich, or as a snack with hummus.

They’re an amazing source of Vitamin C.

In fact, one medium bell pepper serves up about 160% of your daily requirement. It’ll also give you about 16% of your daily Vitamin A and 15% of your daily B-6, along with numerous additional carotenoids. All that for just about 30 Calories – no joke!

If we’re looking at the mini bell peppers, a whole bag will total about 150 calories and give you about  1,800% of your necessary Vitamin C (that’s a bit much, but I’m just saying).


They’re super easy to prepare.

Watch how fast in the video above! No need to cook them if you don’t have the time. In fact the phytochemicals and carotenoids can degrade if you leave them under high heat for long periods.

Did you know that most green peppers will turn orange and then red

when left on the vine? For that reason, green peppers are less sweet and slightly more bitter than yellow or orange peppers, with red bell peppers being the sweetest. Although some green peppers are ready to be picked without turning color. Whether green, red, yellow, or orange, ripe bell peppers will have deep colors, feel heavy and not compress much under finger pressure.

As always, when you’re eating raw veggies,

chew chew chew! This makes it  easier for your digestive system and helps you to avoid being uncomfortable later (especially important info if you’re at a party).

What are your favorite fresh vegetables to serve up?

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