Setting Goals and Setting Yourself Up for Success

  Happy New Year!! What are you doing to help yourself reach your goals this year? Books are written and courses are taught around what successful businesses and successful people do to bring goals (and dreams) into reality. As I write this post I keep thinking ...

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Does Stretching Really Work?

  A Wall Street Journal article on December 2, 2014 (1,2) prompted a client to e-mail and ask: "Does stretching work?" I took a look and thought the article to be one of the best so far written in a major media source regarding stretching. Stretching has gotten a...

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Abdominals 101

Effectively working the abdominals requires a specific mind-body connection. This is a video I use in my MindBodyBlast class to get people started on abdominal exercises. It's also how I teach my one-on-one clients to start out with. No...

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Fit while on Vacation in Italy

I'm posting some pics of my latest trip to Italy in a fitness themed way. I hope you enjoy! The above picture is the French Riviera while flying out of Nice. It's not difficult to keep up the workout while on vacation. In fact, it's easier to exercise on vacation than...

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Look Younger Through Exercise

  When I speak in public about the benefits of exercise I often highlight research studies that correlate exercise to aging. For years now we've seen 60 year olds who exercise regularly with the internal physiology (muscle, blood chemistry, blood sugar metabolism...

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The Single Leg Squat for Strength and Balance

If you've been doing squats for a while and feel you're pretty good at them, it may be time for you to move up and try the single leg squat.   This great exercise works your entire leg - hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps,...

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For Healthy Knees Exercise your Glutes and Hips

  If you swim, bike, run, walk, climb stairs or use an elliptical for exercise, no doubt you're fully aware of the big muscles of your leg that you're working. Those quads, hamstrings, glutes, and even calves use lots...

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What Causes a Heart Attack – Things You May Not Know

Out of the blue I began having pains in my chest. When I ran, when I walked, sometimes even when I sat quietly. Of course, it worried me. Women's heart attack symptoms are different from men's and since we've only begun to study them we don't have all the information...

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Short Cardio Warm Up

Here's a short cardio warm up for you!   It's a great way to warm up at home for a run, a bike ride, a strength training session, or any other workout.  Active stretching is built in, but if you need to focus on...

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Sun Salutation with Core Exercises

  Take A Yoga break and Get Your Core Exercises with Your Sun Salutation. Do this with me!   This is a fun and different take on a traditional sun salutation with core exercises strategically placed in the middle....

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