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More than just talks or workshops – you’ll enjoy these interactive, memorable experiences.


Interactive talks are an excellent way to educate employees on how to start, and motivate them to continue on a path towards better health. They’re a great option for employee education and appreciation events, and a healthy change of pace during conventions, conferences, or training sessions.


My diverse background and education enables me to speak on a variety of topics on fitness, nutrition and wellness. My experience as a manager of five-star fitness clubs, my expertise in fitness training, nutrition and private coaching, and my own life lessons are incorporated into my presentations. By the end of one of these fun and inspiring seminars, everyone will have acquired some real-life solutions to fit their fast-paced lifestyles and be empowered to make healthy changes. If you’re interested in a movement-related event, click here.



Signature Talks


The Biggest Food Myths Today


There are many half-truths floating around the internet about food and nutrition today. The information starts as a result of a research study or credible quote but, like the telephone effect, it changes as it gets passed on. We’ll discuss the biggest food topics in the news today and how the mainstream media has gotten them wrong so you’ll know what to focus on and avoid the rest of the fluff.


Finished With the Fads | Healthy For Life
This topical discussion filters out what busy people need to know about exercise. By the time we’re through, you’ll understand what the fads are, why they only work temporarily, how much time you realistically need to spend on exercise, and what kinds of exercises you needn’t waste time or energy doing.


Fitness, Like Business (for entrepreneurs, managers and other business-minded people)


The healthier you are, the better your mind and body will function, the better your business will be, and the more your investment in both areas will pay off. You are doing your business a disservice if you neglect yourself. Learn how if you can succeed at business, you can succeed in fitness.


Blood Sugar, Insulin, Diet and Exercise 


Twenty two million people or 9.3 percent of the US population has diabetes and the numbers are rising. Chances are you know someone who is diabetic or maybe your family has a history of the disease. Learn in the simplest terms what insulin sensitivity is and how insulin works in your body to regulate blood sugar. It may not be what you think! Get an exercise physiologist and nutritionist’s perspective on what can you do to keep your insulin normalized and your blood glucose under control to reduce your risk of diabetes, avoid insulin resistance and maintain a healthy body for the long run!




I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of corporations to assist in the growth of their wellness programs. I’ve also worked together with EPA’s and Corporate wellness companies to deliver high- quality informational sessions. The list of events I’ve given and participated is long. Below are examples of other topics I’ve covered. 


Uniquely tailored to the needs of the company, these sessions can be a lunchtime talk, an afternoon session, a day or weeks in length. Whether your group is new to exercise or experienced fitness enthusiasts, I have something for everyone and provide an educational, motivating and fun experience.


Body Knowledge Basics – Say you’ve finally carved out the time for exercise. Now exactly what kinds of exercises should you do? In this fun, interactive session, attendees learn the major muscle groups of the body and what exercises to do for each one. It’s helpful when putting together a workout at the gym, at home, or on the run. Pair this event with an exercise class to immediately put those muscles to work!


Eating Healthy on the Run – Grabbing coffee and a muffin for breakfast, working through lunch, and eating fast-food dinners can add inches to your waist and take years off of your life. Learn how to combat bad eating habits and how to make healthy food choices whether you’re relaxing at a restaurant or running through the airport.


Exercise for Busy People – Surveys say the biggest reason most people don’t exercise is that they can’t find the time. Participants will be surprised to find that an effective exercise program takes less time than they think. They’ll also learn what kind of a workout gives all the benefits of exercise in the least amount of time, so they can work out without the burnout.


Fitness in the Office and On the Road – Why leave fitness behind when you go on the road? Exercise increases productivity, reduces stress, and improves alertness. This interactive workshop shows that you don’t need a gym to stay in shape. In fact, you can exercise between meetings if you have to! Learn exercises that can be done in the office or on the road, so you can stay alert and feel great throughout the day.


Healthy Eating Basics – Confused by the many different theories in magazines, books and television about what to eat? This talk cuts through the clutter with the current, scientific perspective on healthy eating and dieting. It’s easy if you know the basics.


Maintain, Don’t Gain Over the Holidays – You’ve worked hard all year to reach your fitness goals. During the holiday season, how do you keep from losing ground? Learn tips and tricks on how to eat healthy, exercise and stay motivated despite the parties, the travel and the busiest season of the year.


Motivation to Move – There are so many reasons to exercise. This talk touches on the latest research about how exercise prevents illnesses, delays aging, reduces stress, improves self-confidence and even affects the workings of your DNA! In addition, find out what kinds of exercises have been proven to provide these benefits.


Stress Reduction Survival Tips – Research is finding that stress has many negative effects, from tying your stomach in knots to causing ADD-like behavior. In this workshop, find out why stress is necessary in business and in life, but can be harmful in large doses. Learn stress management techniques and ways to incorporate them into a busy lifestyle. Look forward to benefits in your body and your career.


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