Mushrooms and Dark Greens

Mushrooms add a hearty element to a green leafy vegetable dish.  My favorite of late is steamed mushrooms with steamed baby bok choy.  You can substitute the bok choy for arugula, which makes a nice bitter side-dish, or spinach, which is an easy crowd pleaser.  All are good with fish, chicken or meat. This is fast and simple.


  • A full steamer pot of baby bok choy, arugula, or spinach.
  • A cup or more of mushrooms (any kind – get creative!)


Mushrooms need to steam longer, so start to steam them first.

When mushrooms start softening add greens to the steamer, or use a separate steamer. Steam only til they get darker in color and bright green (3-5 min).

Put greens and mushrooms together on a serving plate.

You can add Tamari sauce or some low salt soy sauce, but you don’t need much.

Prep Time (wash ingredients): 5 min

Cook Time: 10 min


Nutrition information

Based on 6oz Bok Choy, 1 cup mushrooms

 Calories: 101

Calories from fat: 3

Sodium: 116 mg

Vitamin A 160%

Vitamin C 141%

Calcium 16%

Iron 16%

*Vitamin % based on 2,000 Calorie diet