Welcome to our Healthy Holiday Trilogy:

Episode 2  – Cravings

This is a video from our live webinar held over the holidays.

The sweet craving is in our genes.

Sugar provides immediate energy, and when we need energy, of course, our body is going to try to tell us in some way. So, craving sweets often literally means that our blood sugar is low. At the same time, in the history of man, sweet things are generally not poison. So, a sweet tooth never let us down.

Some of us have salty cravings

but if you really think about it, they also tend to be cravings for simple carbohydrates (like pretzels, potato chips, french fries). And, simple carbohydrate is immediate fuel for the body. So, when our body desperately needs fuel, it’s going to ask for fuel that’s readily available, like sugar or simple carbs.

These days in the US there is such an abundance of foods consisting mainly of sugar, or simple carbohydrate

it’s  too easy for us to overload on these things. And these days it’s also easy to misinterpret what our body is actually asking for.

So many of us have become such generalists

when we need something physically we immediately go for the sugar or the salty food… when actually our bodies may be asking for something else.

In this video I give a little taste of the system I’ve created

use myself, and use with clients to help them start to decipher what their body is really asking for when they’re having cravings.

Click PLAY and join us!

Come get some amazing, complimentary tips on how you too can use your cravings as a way to figure out what it is you might be missing, and make yourself healthier, and happier in the meantime.

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What are your cravings and what do you do when you have them?


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