The sugar discussion has gotten too extreme.

It’s so extreme that people in the media are talking about cutting back on fruit because it contains sugar.

With the last few videos we made about sugar

if you only saw the video title or didn’t watch the videos to the end, it could seem like we’re part of the crowd that’s recommending you eliminate sugar altogether or go on a sugar detox diet . That’s not at all what we’re saying.  We’re highlighting the need to become aware of how much added sugar you’re eating – because there is a lot of hidden, added sugar in foods these days – so you can make conscious, mindful decisions around it. (Watch those videos here: What’s your sugar limit?  Your relationship to sweets..)

Extreme diets are never good.

They’re too hard to follow and they won’t work for the long run. They don’t give you good habits to replace the old habits so you can learn how to live healthier. By the way, I don’t know anyone who has become overweight because they ate too much fruit. Do you?

Ultimately you can’t have optimal health and ideal physique through diet alone.

In fact, there’s a downward, physical spiral that occurs with age that causes us to put on weight – unless we do something about it.  The good news is that exercise beats the decline in a big way!  My explanation is at the 6 minute mark of the video.

If you’re going to be healthy and fit for the long run

and you love sugar, you don’t have to suffer by swearing it off and never eating it again!  Most people can do better though, by modifying some foods and getting to work on increasing their exercise.

So, skip the sugar detox diet.

Watch the video above and then tell me – how do you eat YOUR treats in moderation?

Join me and a small group of like-minded people in cleaning up the diet and ramping up the exercise. We’ll be taking some small steps this summer that lead to big changes without extreme diets or insane exercise programs! See more about my online course here.

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