In my last video, I talked about the myth that abs are made in the kitchen and how there is some truth to it. But abs are truly made in your workout.

In the video above, I show how to get the best results out of your abs workout on the ball.

And I share some secrets about the ball and body placement that’ll insure your success. In addition, did you know that within the simple ball crunch there are 4 different levels?

Level 1: Holding your arms in front of your body.

Level 2: Laying your hands across your chest.

Level 3: Putting your hands behind your head.

Level 4: Straightening your arms and reaching overhead.

Watch the video to get the details. And, stay tuned for my next video where I’ll do my favorite advanced abs series on the ball – LuciFit style!

Questions about this abs on the ball workout?

Put them in the comments below. As always, I’m here to support you in your fitness and health.

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