THIS is the video I’ve been promising for weeks! My video production schedule was put on pause for the book launch. I’m ramping it back up again and I’m very excited about this next video. Paul Holbrook presented how he helps his clients turn back the aging clock at the American College of Sports Medicine Northwest conference this year. His information was both thought-provoking and motivating, to say the least. After speaking with Paul a little more after the presentation I was more than determined to get this information to you, and delighted that he agreed to repeat this information in an interview on the LuciFit channel.

In this segment Paul shares what research has been showing, and what he sees in his clients, regarding how aging can be different from what we thought if we exercise a little differently. Because I know you’re busy, I edited our hour-long interview into two, juicy, information-packed segments.

Let me know if you liked this first part! And, tell me if you’d be interested in a second one, where Paul reveals the unintimidating and very manageable exercises he does with his clients which help them Move Faster to Age Slower.