It’s fine to have a glass of wine, beer or other spirits now and then, but drinking too much can do you damage. Two big reasons to drink sparingly:

1.) It’s extra calories. There’s 100 Calories in 4 ounces of wine or one serving of hard liquor. (That’s not including other ingredients in a mixed drink which can take a drink up to 500 calories). Twelve ounces of regular beer has about 150 Calories. Keep in mind there’s usually more than one serving in a glass when eating out.

2.) It makes your liver work overtime to remove the alcohol from your blood. (Yes, alcohol is toxic, that’s why we get headaches or throw up when we drink too much). I prefer to keep my liver putting all it’s energy into doing what it’s intended for – keeping my body clean, healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

Go ahead and have a glass with dinner. But, drink water on the side for your main source of hydration and to cleanse your palate through the meal.

Have you ever thought if you haven’t finished the glass and you’re ready to go you might leave it on the table? Walking away from a glass of alcohol that’s half full might get you some funny looks – but it’s your body, not theirs.

Go for it – leave some on the table!