Physical activity is a powerful force for controlling infection, improving immunity, and increasing quality of life. Few are talking about it in light of the current pandemic, but it deserves attention.

What’s the most compelling reason to exercise?

The most compelling reason to exercise at this time is because research has proven repeatedly that exercise strengthens our immune system and controls inflammation. The positive effect occurs immediately after exercise, and continues for a period of time into the future. Another result of exercise is that it promptly restores the balance of cortisol (our stress hormone) which additionally benefits the immune system and reduces inflammation. And exercise provides immediate relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety, two mental health issues that have been on the rise since the pandemic.

Beneficial and protective effects of exercising

Learn how, why, and what kind of exercise offers these beneficial and protective effects in this article from Exercise is Medicine.

I hope you’re finding creative, safe ways to exercise at this time. If you haven’t, now is a good time to start for immediate benefits. I’ve reopened my schedule and am offering exercise assessments and programming alongside my leadership coaching. I’m 100% virtual and you can connect with me here.