This is the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

It’s an old palace, the inside of which, is gorgeous.  

The Venus of Willendorf  is there – a 25,000 year old statue representing what was in that time considered to be  the ideal female form at that time.

Venus of Willendorf

(photo from Wikipedia)

Above the modern, scientific displays are amazing busts and sculpture from when it was a palace, but you have to look UP.


We found this museum, among other sights, while running around the city that first morning.  I LOVE running through a new city on the first day.  I think it’s the best way to get a quick idea of what it’s all about and what there is to see, before deciding on an itinerary.

Vienna has a trolly route around it, and water on 2 sides, which made it easy to map a circular run. The route that we did (above) is about 3.5 miles – just enough to shake off the jet lag.  That morning was COLD – about 28 degrees – so it felt more like 6 miles.  But, we put on a few layers and off we went.


After that, we did a little yoga, got a hot shower and breakfast, and went back out to look at everything in more detail.  Fun!


Vienna Statue Day

Have you been to Vienna? Share with me about it in the comments. We spent a weekend and saw all of the biggest sights. I’ll love to go back!


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