My intention for college was to get into medical school. The college I chose didn’t have an official “pre-med” program. So, I put together all the courses that were required plus a few others that interested me, and proposed my own pre-med program to the board: Physical and Psychological Health. It was accepted and I was on my way.

To pay for college I decided to teach exercise classes. It seemed like it could be fun. Even better, it paid well.  So I took the instructor certification, and 4 years later that single job had paid for my first college degree.

That “convenient job” was my first glimpse of the profound way that exercise and food can shape the body and mind, no matter what your age. I fell in love with all of it, and couldn’t turn away from this miracle “cure” that doesn’t come in a bottle.¬†Little did I know at the time, that I’d go back to school for nutrition and a Master’s in exercise physiology, along with an MBA.

At this point, I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in my field. I’ve also worked with a heck of a lot of people who are leaders in their own field. My combination of experiences have given me a unique perspective, and I want to help more people with what I know.

So, I’m writing my first book!

And, I’m pre-launching it! The pre-launch is a way for me to share it with the people I know and love (you), and offer some great gifts if you decide to purchase it early. Your pre-orders will help me to fund a publisher. (In fact, the more pre-orders I get, the more publishers will be interested.)

What’s the name and what’s the book about? Click here for all the delicious details.

I’ll see you there!