If you’ve been following my blog posts and getting my emails, no doubt you have been hearing some of my favorite tips on how to maintain your healthy eating and exercise during the holidays.

And now that the holidays have ended, it’s time to jump back on track one-hundred percent.

I’m sure as one of my followers, or as one of my clients, you stayed on track pretty well – with just a few anomalies here and there!

But let’s keep it real.

Even if we’re good 90% of the time, we all feel a little bit off after the holidays are over, because most of us have eaten a little bit more food, eaten more less-healthy food, and exercised a little bit less. And that’s if you were being good.

When we slack off, it’s amazing how little time it takes to get demotivated

for going to the gym and how easy it is to get used to sitting at the couch or the table. But you’re not alone – it happens to everyone. Even the ones with the healthiest of habits lose momentum even if it’s just a little bit.

So what do you do about it?

1. Know that it’s not going to be easy to get back to the workout you were doing before the holidays. But as long as you get back to the workouts at all, you’re going to be good to go in no time. Allow yourself a little time to ramp back up by starting off at a slightly lower intensity than you did before the holiday season started.

2. Expect that you may not have as much energy to exercise at first. But as long as you get to the gym and do whatever you can – you’ll start to feel that energy coming back. Give it a few workouts.

3. Get moving!

Here are a couple of goals this week to help you fast track back to a healthy diet and exercise :

Tell me in the comments if you take these on and how well you succeed.

1.) On your weekly grocery shopping trip this week, go back to getting all those wonderful foods you were getting before the holidays.

Cool off on the processed foods and the junk food. Give away or throw away any extra holiday indulgences that you know you don’t need or want to eat.

Sit down and make yourself a list of at least four big healthy meals that you will make for yourself this week. Make sure that those four meals have extra food so they can expand into at least six or eight meals during the week so healthy eating can be easier for you and you can cut the cooking time in half.

Get lots of healthy vegetables – especially the kind that you can grab from the fridge and eat without much preparation. (I have some examples of those in my blog and on my YouTube channel, so head over there if you need some ideas).

Have some fresh fruit around for a fast snack, and get that large water glass out for drinking.

2.) Take a look at your schedule this week and see where the workouts will fit in. Put them in your calendar. Stick to your plan.

Most importantly remember, it’s not how far you fell off track,

it’s how fast you get back on track that will to make your success real.

Don’t spend any time thinking about whether or not you blew it. What you want to do is rack up as many days of eating right and exercising as you can – if you rack up more days of eating right and exercising then days of not eating right and not exercising the scale is going to weigh in your favor.

Have you made a plan for success this week? Share with me in the comments below.

If you make a good plan and stick to it, the rest is easy.

Now, get to it!

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