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Healthy Fast Food – Kale

  If you want kale that tastes good you've got to know how to buy it. The more fresh your vegetables are the better they're going to taste, and the same goes for Kale! Curly kale needs to have soft leaves. The stem needs to be turgid...

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Pilates Roll-Up for Abdominals

  Abdominal exercises need to be done mindfully in order to get their benefits. I wrote about that in my last post. The Pilates Roll Up works the entire rectus abdominis very intensely, and it stretches your spine. It's...

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Mind-Body Abdominal Exercises

Abdominals are very important muscle group of your body. Of course, if you have strong abdominals your belly is going to look great. You could even sport a set of those washboard abs everyone wants on the beach. But many...

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Fitting Exercise and Everything Else into Your Busy Day

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJYc19X-nPM People from all walks of life fall into daily stress and overwhelm because they feel they have too many things to do each day - from corporate managers, to parents, even retirees. Of course they all have a lot on their...

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Stress Relief Over the Holidays

Welcome to our Healthy Holiday Trilogy: Episode 3 – Tamping Down the Stress The above video is taken from a live webinar. (Edit as of 12.2016: Hi guys, I can't believe I didn't catch this but I made a mistake in the first...

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Sweet Temptations and Holiday Sugar Overload

  Welcome to our Healthy Holiday Trilogy: Episode 1  - Sweet Temptations This video is taken from a live webinar. In this episode we’ll give you tips on how to have fun maintain your weight with ease and avoid sugar overload If you're...

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Abdominals 101

Effectively working the abdominals requires a specific mind-body connection. This is a video I use in my MindBodyBlast class to get people started on abdominal exercises. It's also how I teach my one-on-one clients to start out with. No...

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Healthy Fast Food 4: Peppers

Peppers are an easy way to add healthy food into any meal. If you're barbecuing this weekend, think about adding some of that great color on the side of your grilled proteins. They're great in the lunch box with a sandwich,...

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