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When most people start to lose weight, their intention is to exercise and eat healthily for a certain amount of time.  They think, if they can survive these changes for as long as they need to lose “X” number of pounds, they can handle it.  In the back of their mind, they can’t wait to have that fried chicken again, or sit on the couch after work and not have to do that darned exercise.

Once the weight is gone, they’re liberated.  They go back to eating the same things they used to eat, and eventually stop exercising. The weight slowly creeps back up, and sometimes there’s even more of it.

Observe the obvious: What we were doing when we were overweight is what got us to being overweight in the first place.  Returning to those habits after weight loss is just going to put us back in the same place, or worse.


Why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off?

Because many of us are most familiar with, and really only know how to be in one of two categories:

1.) Unfit and Overweight


2.) On a Diet

Unfortunately many of us have little experience with the third category, and aren’t practiced in maintaining the position once we’re there:

3.) Fit and Healthy

Maintaining fitness and health for the long run doesn’t come naturally to most people, and it requires a little learning and practice to get it down.  Here’s a little insight into how to get off the roller coaster if you’re on it, and begin to be fit and stay fit:

The next time you start on a weight loss venture, instead of “dieting” create new eating habits that support a new, lower weight (less calories, more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low fat, organic meats). Along the way learn new foods and recipes that are both healthy and taste good.  Once you’ve gotten to your ideal weight, you’ll have developed lots of healthy habits that will sustain your new, healthier body.

The next time you start to exercise, figure out what you like (or hate the least).  Then, to motivate yourself to exercise, focus not only on the calorie burn and the awesome body you’ll get but, focus on all of the other things exercise does for you – the increased alertness, the energy, the positive outlook, better sleep, better skin, lower risk of heart disease and diabetes (I can go on and on). These are the things that will keep you exercising long after you’ve lost weight so you can keep it off and reap the benefits regularly.

Are you interested in learning how to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your life in a way that’s sustainable for the long term? Would you like to have an expert coach lead you through the fundamental changes and the big hurdles?  Six weeks is about the minimum time it takes to create a habit.  I’ve created a 6-week online course, Mind Body Blast, where I give participants just a couple of goals to focus on each week so it’s really simple. Every week we build onto what we’ve done the week before, so in 6 weeks you’ll have some new habits and make one giant step towards a more fit, healthier you. It’s all on line, so you can do it anytime, from anywhere.  And, there’s plenty of discussion and support from me and peers.

See you soon!

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