Healthy Fast Food 4: Peppers

Peppers are an easy way to add healthy food into any meal. If you're barbecuing this weekend, think about adding some of that great color on the side of your grilled proteins. They're great in the lunch box with a sandwich,...

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Delectable Beef Sliders

For these awesome beef sliders you can use 85% ready-made ground beef (a little fat cooks a better burger). Or, buy a beautiful, lean cut of meat and grind it yourself.

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Healthy Fast Food 3: Sugar Snap Peas

 (Watch the Video to See how Easy These are to Prep)   Sugar Snap Peas are an extremely beneficial food that not only provide loads of nutrients, but aid in blood-sugar regulation and heart health. They're rich with...

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Healthy Fast Food 2: Add Crunch to Lunch and Snacks

  Celery is the second most common vegetable that people bring in their lunch box for snacks during the week.  (Click here for the first). Celery is a great way to add crunch to a sandwich. It also tastes great with...

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A Better Chicken Salad Recipe

What can be deceiving about chicken salad, tuna salad, turkey salad, or “anything salad” is that you can get a bunch of calories and fat that you didn’t expect.

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Simple. Healthy. Delicious. Whole Chicken Recipe This is a whole chicken recipe that's simple and fast, and can produce a delicious and juicy meal. In the video I've included info how to choose the healthiest chicken possible. You can use all the criteria, or some...

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A Healthier Hot Chocolate

  This is a healthier hot chocolate made with less sugar and low-fat milk. On a cold and snowy night in DC, my friend, Doreen, made this lovely drink for me while I was staying at her home. It's a hot treat that feels like a splurge, but you can drink it...

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Simple, Healthy, Delicious – Pizza Recipe

  The pizza meal has many loyal fans. But, many would protest that it's not the healthiest food option. Believe it or not, pizza can be a healthy, normal calorie meal.  What makes the difference is the quality of ingredients in the pizza, and of course, the...

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A Healthy Watermelon Drink that Tastes like a Cheat

  I'm addicted! This watermelon drink is so yummy, and easy! The best thing is, you can have it in the middle of the day to add some fun to your hydration, or serve it up to all your guests at your next party. It's Easy, Healthy and...

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Fage Yogurt, Salmon, Cucumbers, Tomato and Dill

  Last night I made a Fage Yogurt recipe with Salmon, Cucumbers Tomatoes and Dill. It was phenomenal. And super easy. Here are the ingredients I used for two people: Salmon (about 1/2 lb) Large cucumber (at least one) Cherry tomatoes (1 pint) Fage  Plain Yogurt...

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Easy, Healthy, Delicious Chicken Breast

  Here's an easy, delicious way to make chicken breast. And it's fast! The chicken can be used in many different recipes or just have it with some vegetables on the side!  One of the most important factors in having...

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Thanksgiving Side Dishes for Optimal Energy

From Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, people tell me they're tired and overwhelmed from all the extra activities.  Let me tell you I understand. We have so many things to do and so little time to do it in! The good news is, there are easy things we can do over the...

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Salsa Salad Recipe – Fast, Healthy, Delicious!

This is an awesome salsa that  doubles as a salad!  You can use it as a dip, or on tacos, burritos or fajitas, garnish fish, chicken or beef with it, or just serve it on the side.  Don't believe me? Give it a try. It's so...

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Are Potatoes Good for You, or Not?

Like many foods, potatoes have had their ups and downs in the media.  The truth is potatoes are actually a very healthy food.  The average medium baked potato (2.25" - 3.25" in diameter) is 161 Calories with 2 Calories from...

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Simple, Healthy, Delicious: Asparagus Recipe

  This asparagus recipe is one of my favorite vegetable sides. Not only because the dish is so simple, but because the presentation is always beautiful and the taste is the same as what you would encounter at a high-end, gourmet restaurant. Ingredients: 12 thin...

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Simple, Healthy, Delicious – Cauliflower Mash

  This is a very simple cauliflower mash recipe to make, and tastes like mashed potatoes.   So if you're looking for a way to get a different vegetable into your food repertoire, this might be for you!  It's a popular dish (with a few changes made by me of...

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Easy, Healthy, Delicious – Salmon and Dill Recipe

Clients tell me they don't have time to cook. They also tell me they don't think healthy food can actually taste good, but it can! Here's an easy way to cook salmon (very healthy, and good for your brain) that's fast and delicious. Click the picture above to watch the...

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