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Meditation with Khen Rinpoche: Breathe In, Breathe Out

A growing body of research supports that meditation, for even 5-10 minutes per day, can significantly improve brain function. (1) I was very grateful to have been able to meet and learn from Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan last weekend. He's a Tibetian Buddhist Monk, a...

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Eating Healthy While on Vacation- Five Uncommon Tips

Healthy food selection takes every vacation to another level of rejuvenation and replenishment. The best part is when you eat good, healthy food, you feel better than ever. If you don't believe me, give these tips a try on your next trip and see for yourself. Clients...

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How to Keep Up Your Exercise While On Vacation

  It's summer, everyone's favorite time to vacation. The summer is when I most frequently talk with clients about how to keep their weight loss and fitness gains while traveling. No matter what my clients' situations, they are all concerned about these two...

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Super Simple Comfort Food: Chicken Soup

  Once you've tried this recipe, you won’t believe how easy chicken soup is to make. Both of my Slovak grandmothers made a variation of this soup recipe. When I was old about 14, they taught me how to make it myself. It was so easy and inexpensive, it became one of my...

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Which is Worse: Fat or Carbohydrate?

  A few weeks ago news was leaked that the Dietary Guidelines committee suggested we drop dietary limits on cholesterol. That announcement  re-fueled the fire under a completely different debate over fat and carbohydrate that started last year.  The debate over...

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Fitting Exercise and Everything Else into Your Busy Day

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJYc19X-nPM People from all walks of life fall into daily stress and overwhelm because they feel they have too many things to do each day - from corporate managers, to parents, even retirees. Of course they all have a lot on their...

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Setting Goals and Setting Yourself Up for Success

  Happy New Year!! What are you doing to help yourself reach your goals this year? Books are written and courses are taught around what successful businesses and successful people do to bring goals (and dreams) into reality. As I write this post I keep thinking ...

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Simple, Healthy, Delicious – Sweet Potatoes

I remember the sweet potatoes of my youth. Usually made around the holidays, they were baked and smothered with brown sugar and butter. So sweet! In fact, they may as well have been dessert! Now, that was a vegetable I was willing to eat more than my share of! Times...

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Fast and Delicious Holiday Turkey Recipe

    Not to brag, but I make an amazing turkey. It's always moist and delicious. I usually use a Martha Stewart recipe where the turkey is covered in cheesecloth and got lots of basting towards the end. It's always a hit with my guests. This year I was...

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Stress Relief Over the Holidays

Welcome to our Healthy Holiday Trilogy: Episode 3 – Tamping Down the Stress The above video is taken from a live webinar. (Edit as of 12.2016: Hi guys, I can't believe I didn't catch this but I made a mistake in the first...

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Sweet Temptations and Holiday Sugar Overload

  Welcome to our Healthy Holiday Trilogy: Episode 1  - Sweet Temptations This video is taken from a live webinar. In this episode we’ll give you tips on how to have fun maintain your weight with ease and avoid sugar overload If you're...

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Fit while on Vacation in Italy

I'm posting some pics of my latest trip to Italy in a fitness themed way. I hope you enjoy! The above picture is the French Riviera while flying out of Nice. It's not difficult to keep up the workout while on vacation. In fact, it's easier to exercise on vacation than...

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Bad Carbs, Or Bad Way of Eating Carbs?

    Low carb diets are all the rage again, and authors are selling books by the millions claiming that people will "be healthier" if they eat more meat, load up on fats (to include saturated fats), and cut out certain fruits and vegetables. I've been hearing...

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How to Meditate for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Long periods of stress without a break can bring you down mentally, emotionally and physically. Last week I posted a video of Diana and I discussing how difficult it can be to  turn down the output (and input) for a few weeks and create space to rejuvenate. But in the...

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