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Celery is the second most common vegetable

that people bring in their lunch box for snacks during the week.  (Click here for the first). Celery is a great way to add crunch to a sandwich. It also tastes great with just a little nut butter (pre-measured, of course), or a little low-fat cottage cheese. Try it alongside apple slices for a lovely taste combo.

But, celery can get a bit old

in more ways than one! Here’s how to prep your celery so it stays crisp and it’s ready to eat when you are.  Then you can use this in recipes at dinner time, make easy snacks for your weekday lunch, or just grab it when you need a quick hunger fix.

The celery prep I did in this video took about 4 minutes to complete.

The carrot prep and celery prep together took about 10 minutes.



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How to prep carrots for optimal taste and ready when you are.

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Sugar snap peas are a sweet, protein rich crunchy snack

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Peppers are often an overlooked, colorful, sweet, crunchy, veggie snack.

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Kale can be easy and ready for salads and more.


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